Terms of use

Document, which is presented below, is a formal proposal to conclude a contract in order to provide a range of services between «Biksiko» and "Users" on the terms set forth in this Agreement.


I. Definition of Terms.

1.1. Biksiko - an Internet portal, published on the Internet at:

1.2. User of the "Biksiko" hereinafter "User" is a person who has access to the "Biksiko" by the Internet.

1.3. User's "Company" hereinafter "Company" is the next stage of user development, who created his own company in the "Biksiko" after filling in data about the company, where all of his real estate, news, articles, reviews about the company, its licenses and certificates, timetable, partners, presentation material company or its project awards, brief statistics, management companies and other information will be published.

1.4. Administration of the "Biksiko" (Administration) are those responsible for managing the, as well as perform other actions, one way or another related to its operation and use.

1.5. Register is the successful completion of the form during registration that allows to create on the "Biksiko" account of "User" and then the "Company".
1.6. Account is the data containing all the necessary information about the "User" or the "Company".
1.7. Service of the "Biksiko" is a set of technological and technical capabilities that are available and provided to "User" after the adoption of this Agreement and after completion of the registration procedure.


Section II. General Provisions

2.1. By registering on the "Biksiko", "User" fully agrees with all terms and conditions set forth below, acquires all the rights and obligations, and also agrees to comply with them. To express the consent, "User" puts an appropriate mark in the box "I accept the conditions set forth in the "Service Agreement".

2.2. According to the decision and the procedure of registration, all the subsequent acts of "User", are performed relying solely on this Agreement, regardless of the period of use of resources provided by the portal.
2.3. Actions of the "User" - all the actions that the user performs under the login and password upon registration or authorization on "Biksiko".

2.4. Actions of the "Company" - all actions committed by the company management.

2.5. Information that enters on this "Biksiko", is considered to be the intellectual property of the author, the material and that resource where it is located.
2.6. Administration of the "Biksiko" does not have any obligation to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the information provided, unless there is an agreement where the opposite states.


Section IІI. Registration.

3.1. Administration ensures quality performance of services in placing promotional materials of "the Company" and the "Company" ensures to complete payment for services that the “Company” wants to buy.

3.2. Before start working, "User" should register in the system passing the necessary registration procedures. Requirements, that Administration presents according to the volume and order of contact details, may be changed unilaterally by the Administration.
3.3. "User" shall guarantee the veracity and relevance of all the details provided by him.
3.4. Upon completion of registration, the "User" receives a personal ID, ID of «User», as well as username and password to log into My Account. "User" shall ensure full confidentiality of data by all available technical and organizational means. All activities that occur in the My Account of "User" shall be considered as those performed by the "User".

3.5. "User" has the full right to choose independently the type of advertising or informational materials that periodically can be supplemented, modified or extended by the Administration in its sole discretion.


Section IV. Service Description.

4.1. "Biksiko" provides for the "Users" the following services:

4.1.1. Access to the news resources, information of scientific and educational type, advisories, laws and regulations pertaining to the subject of property.

4.1.2. Updating the database, which contains information about the situation of the real estate market.

4.1.3. Access to search for information that is relevant to the potential rent or sale of real estate.

4.1.4. The ability to communicate directly with the seller, ask questions, offer your own price for the property, leave a request to view.

4.1.5. Upon completion of the registration, the "Company" has full access to the relevant sections of the "Biksiko", where it is allowed to publish information, contact information, information about listings that are for sale or rent, and other information about the company and about the subject to which the company is related.

4.1.6. "Users" can place and receive comments and feedback about the rent or the Company.

4.1.7. "Users" have no rights to the data, which had been placed by other "Users" and they are solely responsible to their owners for the illegal use of it.


Section V. Rights and Obligations of the User.

5.1. When using the services, "User" must:

5.1.1. Operate exclusively within the framework of this Agreement.

5.1.2. Inform the Administration about all attempts to access My Account, or attempts to seize login and (or) password "User".

5.1.3.Not provide to any people access to your confidential data, as a whole or separately, in a situation where it can cause a breach of this Agreement or applicable law.

5.1.4. Do not tell anyone and other "Users" information, which became known in the use of resources of "Biksiko" and refers to the registration data of other "User", Partners "Biksiko" or other people, until you did not obtain their permission.
5.2. "User" is prohibited:

5.2.1. To make the registration on behalf of others or just another person, thus creating a "fake account." In this case, the Administration may block the account.

5.2.2. Re-register for the "Biksiko", using any additional data (so-called "duplicate account").

5.2.3. Placed on the "Biksiko" unverified and unreliable information that does not meet the requirements of resources and could cause harm to other people.

5.2.4. Copy or modify information that is located on the "Biksiko", unless it was provided by the "User" himself, without having written permission of the Administration.

5.2.5. Use automated programs to access the contents of the "Biksiko".

5.2.6. Take any action that may lead to malfunction of the "Biksiko".

5.2.7. Insult other "Users" or Administration of "Biksiko", to use profanity and show signs of disrespect or discrimination, leave false information in the review or in question to the "Company".


Section VI. Rights and Obligations of the Administration.

6.1. The Administration undertakes to comply fully with all terms of this Agreement.

6.2. Take all possible actions which are depending on the company, both technical and organizational, protection of “User” personal data , preventing unauthorized access to the My account, making changes in the information, its disclosure or destruction.

6.3. Keep in secret confidential information that has been specified by "Users" during the registration, except of the part which is available for public viewing on the "Biksiko".

6.4. At any time, change the layout and content of the "Biksiko", modify the software used, and other objects that are located on the "Biksiko", as with prior notice to the "Members", and without it.
6.5. If necessary, inform the "Members" about rules of using of the resource, using the email or internal notice on the "Biksiko". At the same time, the Administration agrees not to use such correspondence to obtain personal and confidential data relevant to log-in to your account.

6.7. Modify or moderate any information which in one or another way breach this Agreement, as well as limit, temporarily or permanently terminate access of User" to all services of "Biksiko" or certain parts thereof to provide a remedy, as with prior notice, and without it.

6.8. Install or remove restrictions on the use of the "Biksiko" due to some sort of private work or modernization of "Biksiko", at any time and without prior notice to the "Members".

6.9. Send various pieces of information for the "User", using their contacts, "User" can edit these mailings in Settings.

6.10. Do not answer the questions of "Users" in the correspondence, without explanation.


Section VIІ. Limitation of Administration Liability.
7.1. "Biksiko" acts solely as a way of information transmission; in any case the "Biksiko" is no responsible for its relevance or reliability.

7.2. The administration is doing everything in its power to cleanse the "Biksiko" from poor quality, offensive or inaccurate information, as well as the data that knowingly carry incomplete or untrue information. At the same time, the responsibility for the placing on the "Biksiko" erroneous, incorrect or inaccurate information, is exclusively of the "User", who published it.
7.3. Administration is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the personal data that were presented by "Users", as well as for any damage that may be caused to third parties for this reason.

7.4. The administration does not give a full guarantee that the equipment and software used to ensure efficiency of "Biksiko" does not contain errors. In case of loss or damage of data Administration does not bear any responsibility for it, but Administration will do everything possible to restore the lost data and paid services that have been acquired.

7.5. Administration is not responsible for any damages, including unintentional, incidental or consequential, as well as lost of profits, damage of reputation, dignity or honor, lost data, which came from the use of services of "Biksiko" or its contents as "User" or other people, who were able to access to the "Biksiko", even in a situation where the Administration pointed to this possibility or even warned about it.


Section VIIІ. Terms of Publication.

8.0. The ability to publish on the "Biksiko" begins with the creation of the "Company" by user.

8.1. Publication implies a placement of information about the property: her photographs, brief description, video presentation, the characteristics of property, its value, and the conditions for the sale or rent. All of this information about the property must be true, and is not false. The Administration reserves the right in case of no reliable information on the property (sale or rent) or other publication to block or to reprimand the "Company", which had published it.

8.2. Real Estate, which is published on the "Biksiko" shall be published with the consent of the owner or the person authorized for its sale.

8.3. Real estate may be withdrawn from publication if it turns out that it was published without the permission of its owner or a person authorized for its sale. To begin the process of withdrawing from the publication of the real estate, you need to write a letter to the Administration with the indication of the real estate article and describe the reason for the request.

8.4. "Company" is also permitted to publish news and articles.

Section IX. Commercial and Non-commercial Services.

9.1. Payment for commercial services provided by the "Biksiko" shall be conducted in accordance with the tariff which has chosen the "Company".

9.2. On the "Biksiko" there is a free tariff (Trial), which allows to use paid features of "Biksiko" for free, but in a limited number of published property.

9.3. Any of the paid services, which are presented under the "Biksiko", is only available to users who have registered the "Company".

9.4. Unauthorized or independent information removal by "Company", which is connected with the placement of commercial package of services is not a reason for a refund or transfer to other needs within the "Biksiko".

9.5. Validity of paid service during the selection and order is at least 1 month (30 days). If desired, the "Company" may extend this period by completing the application again and making the payment.

9.6. For order and payment of paid service in the "Biksiko", "the Company" receives only those of its features that are contained in the description of the tariff.

9.7. "Company", which uses paid services on "Biksiko" shall operate solely under this Agreement.

9.8. All the tariffs have their names, the Administration may change names, as well as themselves tariffs unilaterally. Already bought tariffs can not be changed unilaterally by the Administration till their graduation.

Section X. Term and Termination of User Agreement.

10.1. This Agreement is effective from the end of the registration process.

10.2. The term of this Agreement is unlimited.

10.3. To delete your account, "User" must send the relevant request to the Administration.

10.4. This agreement shall be seen as terminated from the moment when the account of "User" is removed by the Administration.

10.5. "Biksiko" has every right to deny to the "User" or the "Company" in the performance of its obligations in a situation where there is a breach of this Agreement or of applicable law.

10.6. In a situation where "User", temporarily or permanently, refuses to use the services of the "Biksiko", this user does not have the right to re-register or use the account of other "Users" who are registered on the "Biksiko".

Section XI. The Procedure for Resolution of Disputes.

11.1. Any dispute of differences which are arising between "User" and the Administration shall be resolved exclusively in accordance with the applicable law.

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